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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A. Do You Have Low Sex Drive
B. Preferred Language in International Business
C. Best Stock to Buy
D. How Do You Know .......

Do You Have Low Sex Drive
This May Be Your Problem

Lackluster libido? Try clearing your home of these sex-drive annihilators!
Have you heard the gross fact about many sodas? Some, like Mountain Dew, list brominated vegetable oil—or BVO—as an ingredient. Bromine products are linked to male infertility, impotence, and decreased libido. (Check out this soda infographic to see how the drink impacts your entire body.)
For that same reason, it's also a good idea to avoid other sources of brominated flame retardants, including one found in some carpet padding. That means wet-mopping and vacuuming with a HEPA-filter-enabled vacuum cleaner often so flame retardants don't accumulate in your household dust.

Preferred Language in International Business
English Takes The Commnanding Lead

Nearly every meeting Keiko Claassen must attend at work is held in English. No big deal – except that her company is based in Italy and she’s Dutch.
At one recent meeting where she was the only non-Italian in the room, her colleagues stopped speaking English – the common language between them – because someone had trouble following the conversation.
“It was like watching a movie,” says Claasen. “As soon as they switched… you could see their culture come to life.”
It’ll be English-only for the leadership teams responsible for 500,000 employees across 80 countries
At ITT Motion Technologies, an Lainate, Italy-based engineering company where Classen is executive director of communications, every senior staffer is expected to speak English and most communications are delivered in English. While it’s not considered an official corporate language, with 4,500 employees working in several countries, including Japan, China, India and Germany, it’s the only language that everyone can generally speak in common – even if speaking doesn’t mean always fully understanding.
In other firms, such as France-based food services company Sodexo, English is being adopted as an official language. After years of translating emails, webinars and other materials into as many as eight languages, including French, English and Spanish, or holding massive town-hall meetings in multiple languages, the company announced in January that its senior leadership team would be embracing English. By year-end, it’ll be English-only for the leadership teams that are responsible for its 500,000 employees across 80 countries.

Best Stock to Buy
See Top 7 list

Yet another company’s stock price doubled overnight – you knew it was a good company, but you don’t invest. People at work, they do – and they can’t help but talk about the news all day. Grinning. You can’t blame them.

You tell yourself... That should have been my big win.

It’s a kick in the gut – watching company after company soar, being stuck on the outside. Knowing in your heart the reason you didn’t just double your money comes down to three familiar words:
1. Amazon
2. Apple
3. Target
4. Bank of America
5. Walmart
6. Ford
7. Southwest Airline

How Do You Know .......
Significant Other Really Loves

Grand gestures are great, but sometimes elaborate expressions of affection can seem a little over the top. With my boyfriend, it's the little things that really mean the most - the stuff that shows me that I'm on his mind or the things he does that I know he wouldn't do for anyone else (like wipe up my cat's vomit). That's love!
There's nothing like coming home from a long day of work to a glass of wine and a pair of comfy pants laid out for you, and you know you've snagged a keeper when they do sweet things without even thinking twice about it. If your significant other does any of these gestures below, then hang on to them!
You know your significant other really loves you when . . . these signs are present:
1. Honesty - Billy Joel test
2. Show Intimacy and spiced up relationship is evidenced.
3. Going out on dates.
4. Doing Things for you and wanting things done for each other.
5. Compliments and appreciation are not hard to find.
6. Time with each other.
7. Showing and receiving affection.

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